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Lex Lawyers is an Amsterdam based law firm. We help foreign companies and expats to solve legal disputes and problems in The Netherlands. And that at the lowest possible rate. That is why we are known in the market as the affordable alternative for expensive law firms. You can contact us for advice, legal support in civil law practice, lawsuits, and for mediation. Contact your personal lawyer in Amsterdam today.

We assist individuals and companies in virtually all legal areas, with the focus on preventing legal conflicts. We do this by drawing up contracts, advising and supporting in labor matters, business disputes, mergers etc. Also in case customers do not pay their invoices, we offer judicial and extrajudicial debt collection and bailiff solutions.

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    Expat lawyer in Amsterdam

    Our lawyers (legal councels) have extensive experience in issues with expats. Many expats in the Netherlands get into a conflict with their employer or with their landlord. The most common problem is that landlords do not want to refund the security deposit upon termination of the lease.

    The highly experienced lawyers at Lex Lawyers Amsterdam can often resolve these types of conflicts to the benefit of the expat. We regularly assist expats with legal problems with labor and rental issues.

    We often notice that expats in the Netherlands are not well aware of the applicable laws and regulations, with the result that they do not really know what their rights are. Lex Lawyers helps with this. We will not only tell you what your rights are, but if necessary we will also take legal action on your behalf. This may be, for example, by writing and sending letters, but also by conducting legal proceedings on your behalf.

    If you want to know more about our services, or if you are looking for help with a (legal) dispute, call us on 085 864 00 61 . You can also fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you within hours.

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