Amsterdam law firm

Amsterdam law firm

Lex Lawyers assists both individuals and entrepreneurs in case of legal issues and problems. Our market position is the affordable alternative for expensive law firms, without sacrificing any quality. Our Amsterdam law firm has consciously opted for a modern approach, by which we can quickly communicate with you using all kinds of devices: naturally by letter, e-mail and telephone, but also via Skype or e-mail!

We try to keep a legal process as short as possible for our clients. That not only saves you a lot of money, but also a lot of stress. In addition, you will know much more quickly where you stand from a legal point of view, and on that basis you can make certain decisions.

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    Amsterdam law firm

    We do not focus on making as many billable hours as possible, but on finding a legal solution. Sometimes such a solution requires legal proceedings, which our lawyers (legal counsels) can conduct for you.

    In other words: It’s our biggest concern that we help you find or realize a solution for your problem. Through our experience we immediately recognize your situation and we are able to quickly move towards a solution. Our clients are expats and immigrants in general.

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    For legal advice or legal aid, please contact us. We respond within 5 hours on working days! Call 085 864 00 61 now to speak to one of our Amsterdam based lawyers.


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