driver's license confiscated

Driver’s license confiscated in The Netherlands

Has your dutch driver’s license been confiscated or seized in Netherlands? That can cause serious problems at work or in your personal enviroment. You also run a high risk of getting a criminal record.

We are here to help you to get your confiscated driving license back as soon as possible and that chances of getting a criminal record are as limited as possible.

In order to get the driver’s license back, we draw up a strong complaint letter (klaagschrift). This is a legally substantiated document which will be presented to a judge. The judge then will decide whether the confiscation can be undone. This gives you the best possible chance of getting your dutch driver’s license back as quickly as possible.

We can help you with a recovered driver’s license due to speed, alcohol or dangerous driving. We cannot help you if your driver’s license was seized because of drug use.

    Reclaim your driver's license quickly?

    • free intake
    • complaint letter within 24hrs
    • quickest solution
    • high success rate
    • fixed fee of € 537 incl VAT

    Reclaim your driving license for only € 537,-

    We can help you for a fixed low fee of € 537,- including VAT for the complaint letter. That is an all-in price, without any additional invoices afterwards. We can start drawing up the complaint letter within 24 hours, even on weekends.

    Call now at 085 029 63 00 to have speak with a specialized a traffic law lawyer to reclaim your driving license or send us a message via this website. We also respond on WhatsApp to online contact requests outside office hours.

    Reclaim your driver’s license quickly!

    Has your driver’s license been seized or confiscated in the Netherlands? Do you want to reclaim it as soon as possible? We’re here to assist you. Over the past decade, our firm has assisted many clients who had driven too fast, dangerously, or had been driving while under the influence of alcohol. 92.7% of our clients get their dutch driver’s license back because of our efforts. To people who are in desperate need of their driver’s license, this is a welcome solution.

    If you contact us on working days, you will be helped immediately. Within 24 hours, the complaint letter can be submitted to court.We will make sure that you’ll get your driver’s license back as soon as possible. We only work with fixed prices. That way you know in advance what our services will cost.

    In case you also understand written dutch, please visit this page for more information.

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