Corporate law firm Amsterdam

Corporate law firm Amsterdam

Lex Lawyers is a corporate law firm in Amsterdam. Corporate law, also referred to as business law, deals with the legal position of companies. Companies and entrepreneurs undertake and run risks. Lex Law helps entrepreneurs with the prevention and resolution of business disputes.

Our office specializes in corporate law for about 10 years. We have years of experience in advising and litigating for companies. Our clients are therefore mainly companies and companies. We advise entrepreneurs and administrators in internal and external legal conflicts. We do this both in and out of court.

Most legal problems, which companies can run into, relate to:

  • labor relations
  • liability for damage or non-conformity of a product or service
  • a conflict with a supplier
  • unpaid invoices, so a (collection) procedure is necessary

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    It is important that you as an entrepreneur, or as a company in general, keep the focus on your company and your work. In order to be able to do this properly, it is advisable to ensure that all legal matters are properly arranged. This way you avoid a lot of trouble and that will make your work so much nicer.

    Lex Lawyers gladly helps you with the checking or drafting of (employment) agreements, general conditions etc. Your business will immediately be a lot safer. In case something unexpected happen despite the precautionary measures? Then we help you find the solution.

    Call us now at +31 85 864 00 61 to speak to us directly or send us an email using our contact form.

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