Immigration lawyer Amsterdam

Immigration lawyer Amsterdam

Do you need legal assistance with an immigration issue? The application for a residence permit is often a complex matter. Our immigration lawyer in Amsterdam is ready to assist you. It is important that the application is made correctly and that all necessary documents are enclosed. When an application is rejected, there is always the option to lodge an objection against that decision.

There is only limited time to do this. In other words, all objections must be submitted immediately in the objection phase. Therefore it is important that you are assisted by a lawyer for a residence permit.

Family reunification

You can submit an application for family reunification yourself, however it is wise to ask a lawyer for advice. The lawyer can also assist you in any objection procedure, for instance if the application for family reunification has been rejected. To sum it up: don’t take too much risk and let a professional lawyer take care of the application.

Are you having problems with your residence permit? Or want to bring your partner, family or business to the Netherlands? Our outstanding team of skilled professionals provides customized solutions to both businesses and individuals.

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    Asylum in the Netherlands

    Do you want to apply for asylum in the Netherlands because it is not safe in your own country? The right of asylum relates to persons who have fled to the Netherlands because, for example, they are persecuted in their own country for political or religious reasons.

    When applying for asylum, it is therefore wise to engage an immigration lawyer at the earliest possible stage.

    Immigration law experts in Amsterdam

    We assist migrants and expats in their applications for residency. This can be for purposes of work or family, vis-á-vis the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). Be it for a short term residence permit or permanent residence, Lex Lawyers offers clients tailored migration solutions.

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