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Lex Lawyers: Mediation law firm in Amsterdam

Our Amsterdam based law firm helps companies and individuals resolve legal disputes before they come to court. This way we save our client a lot of financial and personal misery. Mediation is well possible for rent disputes, labor disputes, but also for all kinds of other problems. Lex Lawyers specialize in litigation, but is also a mediation law firm in Amsterdam.

We act as a mediator, who works completely independently. It is therefore important that we never choose the side of one of the parties, which lawyers or judges often do. It is however also essential that both parties cooperate voluntarily during the process.

Mediation law firm Amsterdam, often the best solution.

In conclusion, mediation is often the best solution. For example at the moment that a business or personal conflict exists and the parties themselves can not resolve it. Hiring us prevents the need for litigation, which above all means that the conflict is not further enlarged. It does not really matter whom or what your legal conflict is about, mediaton can always be applied.

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    Mediation is based on the parties’ ability to resolve the problem. Reason and emotion can intermingle during a conflict. It’s therefore important that the independent lawyer-mediator can provide a basis for maintaining a dialogue with each other. An independent mediator helps to find a solution that is satisfactory to both parties. A big advantage of this is that the solutions often apply for the long term.

    It is important that both parties have confidence in the lawyer-mediator. The knowledge of the matters that this mediator has usually makes that not too difficult. A lawyer-mediator therefore offers a number of advantages over a mediator with a different background. After all, the lawyer-mediator has the legal knowledge and skills that are desirable and necessary.

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