Employment law firm Amsterdam

Employment law firm Amsterdam

Looking for an employment law firm Amsterdam? Lex Law assists both employees and employees in labor law issues. You can come into conflict with your employee or employer in various situations.

This may relate to conducting negotiations about the termination of an employment contract, but also to conducting legal proceedings at the cantonal court or at the UWV.

Preventing labor conflics

Lex Lawyers intends to prevent problems as much as possible, instead of solving them afterwards. That is why we gladly assist you in drafting employment contracts, but we think along with you to improve the functioning of an employee. Should it eventually come to a dismissal process or court case, then we are well prepared to serve your interests optimally!

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    What our Employment law firm Amsterdam can do for you

    For private individuals we can:

    • Provide general legal advice
    • Check employment contract
    • Assess dismissal proposal (settlement agreement)
    • Write to the employer
    • Negotiate with the employer
    • Litigate in court

    For entrepreneurs we can:

    • Provide general legal advice
    • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts
    • Drafting or reviewing a dismissal proposal (settlement agreement)
    • Conduct dismissal negotiations
    • Drafting or reviewing letters to the employee
    • Litigate in court

    Take swift action!

    If you have been fired, or you want to fire someone, contact a lawyer or lawyer specialized in employment law as soon as possible. A dismissal can often be reversed for employees, which still creates a right to unemployment benefits. On the other hand, many things go wrong for employers when they dismiss them.

    For both the employer and the employee: the faster you take action, the better you usually come out! Call us or fill in the contact form for direct legal assistance.

    Call us now at +31 85 864 00 61 to speak to us directly or send us an email using our contact form.

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