Rental law firm Amsterdam

Rental law firm Amsterdam

Looking for a rental law firm in Amsterdam? Lex Lawyers are stand by for you. As a tenant of a business space or home it can unfortunately occur that you get a legal dispute with the landlord. Think of unpaid period, a rent increase, non-delivery service, extra costs for renovations that you will be charged.

In the most ideal situation all problems will be solved in a short time, after which you can continue with your landlord on good terms. It is therefore very important that you, as a tenant, keep communicating with the landlord. Sometimes, however, the communication does not lead to a solution and in that case we are ready for you.

The basis of the relationship between you and the landlord is the lease contract. If you contact us, we will go through your rental agreement after the intake interview. On this basis we inform you about your legal position. In case you are in your right, we take the necessary action to persuade the landlord to fulfill obligations. In some cases we can also try to obtain compensation for you.

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    Rental law and our firm

    The law grants the tenant of living space a lot of protection. This means that the landlord cannot just cancel the rent. There must always be a compelling reason. Other matters that are regulated in tenancy law are: deposit money, rent protection, evacuation of the living space, indexation of the rent, deferred maintenance, subletting etc. Our rental law firm in Amsterdam is always ready to assist you.

    Our lawyers can be of service in all tenancy law matters. You can engage a lawyer to draw up a rental agreement, assess a termination or challenge a termination of the rental. Your interests come first. The lawyers assist both tenants and landlords.

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